Tuesday, April 22, 2008

don't step in the mud!!

i had the greatest idea to take my beautiful, super light, pier 1 chair out in a field for some different shots of addy....
once i set it all up, it just didn't look right. huge chair.... little girl...??? so we abandoned the chair and shot on the ground, which i can't complain about because i think they turned out pretty well. but as we're going about our business, two girls pull up, walk to us, and proceed to tell us to take our time.... well, that was nice. then she goes on saying, "we just want to get some pics with this chair." um, that didn't really sound like a request, but okay. as i respond, "i'll let you," i get this weird look. hello!! who just leaves a nice chair in the middle of nothing, it's obviously ours! i just laughed it off and let watched her take her pictures (it was for a school project anyway). the model was beautiful and she looked fabulous in my chair!!!! but i have to admit, i was jealous!!!! but i guess at least my chair worked for somebody! she better get an "a"!!!!!

the thieves that stole my setup!!!!

1 comment:

Lauren Dowdy said...

UMMMM.... How tall was that photographer?!? LOOKS HUGE!

Its so nice that you provide props for others!